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Livres à l'École

Website - Development - 2015-2016
techniques : HTML, CSS, object oriented PHP, SQL, jQuery, AJAX
specificities : JQuery animations, XML and SQL data, asynchronous AJAX pages

CMS Admin component

CMS component - Development - 2015
techniques : CMS, object oriented PHP, SQL, AJAX, Mailing
specificities : CMS back-office, process automation, mailing

Back-end module

System updates scripting - 2015
techniques : Php, SQL, Ajax, Javascript
specificities : Server request optimization, large database 700.000 entries, various errors treatment

HiGH Fly

Website - graphics, integration, coding - 2013
techniques : HTML, CSS, Php, SQL database, javascript, SEO optimization
specificities : complex reservation form, back-office administration, multilingual contents FR/EN/RU

Application d'organisation

Application - design, creation, development - 2012
techniques : Flash Action Script, XML, 3D, Photoshop,
specificities : external data link, easy updating

ADDOC Formations

Website renewal - new graphic identity, coding, webmastering - 2011
techniques : HTML, Php, SQL database, Access database link, Flash SEO optimization
specificities : search form, multi users type, re-integration of Access data, simple use administration

Gamer Zone

Website - graphic identity, integration - 2009
techniques : HTML, CSS, Joomla template
specificities : CMS based site

Rudra / Cartex

Websites mock-up - graphic identity, UI - 2005
techniques : Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash
specificities : research of innovation and design